Is G.IRC free of charge?

Yes! Gamers.IRC itself is free of charge. We work on it in our spare time, we don’t make money with it. Anyway, we would appreciate any donations.

But: Gamers.IRC is actually only a (very huge) script for mIRC. Gamers.IRC is using mIRC as its base and won’t work without it. mIRC is – unlike the Gamers.IRC script – shareware. In this case it means that mIRC will remind you after a period of 30 days that you are urged to pay 20 US-$ if you still want to use mIRC. However, these 20 US-$ are not related to the Gamers.IRC team in any way but will be spent directly to mIRC’s developer, Khaled Mardam-Bey. As we don’t see a cent of these 20 US-$, we don’t care if you register mIRC or not, as we can’t take advantage of it.