Support us

If you want to help us to further develop Gamers.IRC, you can join us as a translator or as a beta tester for new versions. Everything you need to know about that can be found in our forums – or simply get in touch with us via e-mail or directly on the IRC.

We’d also appreciate any donations. All you need is a PayPal account and some money. Of course it’s on you to decide how much you are willing to donate. If you want to contribute some donations, please click the following button:

What are we going to use your money for?
Well, as this project has not been run for a long time and we don’t know yet how much money will be donated, we can’t definitely say what will happen with your donations. Anyway, we will process it in a responsible manner. First, we’d like to cover our own costs for development, which are primarily the 20 US-$ which all of us developers were required to pay in order to use mIRC. Once we have covered these licenses, we could imagine to pass the money to reasonable non-profit organizations or projects. We will announce on this page what every single cent will be spent for. All donations and contributions will be kept in a detailed list here. During the process of donating you can also enter some comment. If you don’t add any comment, we will list the donation as anonymous.

What are we NOT going to use your money for?
These donations are not related to the mIRC shareware license. You will have to pay for it anyway. Nor will we use them to „finance“ Gamers.IRC development, as Gamers.IRC will continue to be free of charge. The project itself doesn’t actually have any costs as our partner kindly provides their webspace to us. And we won’t put the money in our pocket in order to add new features or fix some bugs as we do all this work in our spare time for free, but also non-binding.

We thank you for any donations – regardless of their actual amount.