Coders and Supporters

Patrick B. (Thoraxx), chef, coder, organization
thoraxx [at] gamersirc [dot] net

Christian G. (Chris), coder, organization
chris1 [at] gamersirc [dot] net

Sven K. (Tuxman), coder, supporter, forum
tuxman [at] gamersirc [dot] net

Sascha Felix (Sentinel), betatester, supporter, organization
sentinel [at] gamersirc [dot] net

Special thanks to following, retired members:

Alessandro Saiko (Felensis), founder, coder, retired
Jonas Ströbele (Daedalus), coder, retired
Markus Mangei (peace), coder, retired
Andree N. (blk_panther), coder, supporter
Markus Foitschik (Hybrid666), coder
Torsten Trompler (Caligula), GFX, html, php, website

In addition, we thank all others who supported Gamers.IRC.
This includes all who announce bugs and make suggestions.