On a late summer day in 1999, Felensis got the first time in touch with mIRC. First he was well enough engaged in understanding the application itself, but pretty soon he familiarized with its scripts and scripting syntax. While he just did some tiny localizations in the beginning, he had become quite familiar with the scripting language within one year. During this process he had coded some scripts for several clans, until the first Gamers.IRC version, beta 5, was released on Nov 18 2000.

In the meantime Felensis got useful support by Sven Matheuszik (sOn) and Jonas Ströbele (Daedalus) as well as some other volunteers who contributed essential things to the success of Gamers.IRC.

Thanks to cs-scene.de, Gamers.IRC got a well-known term in the German gamers‘ world very soon. This collaboration was ended for the benefit of planet-multiplayer.de after a few months, though.

Since April 2003 we have been cooperating with our sponsor www.unitedservers.de very successfully. In October 2010 www.unitedservers.de became a part of core-networks.de. Timely to the 6th anniversary our homepage was relaunched with a completely new design. Thanks to caligula for that.

When Felensis retired because of personal reasons, his team, coordinated by Chris1, continued his work. Gamers.IRC celebrated its tenth birthday in November 2010 and is still kept up-to-date to cover the newest evolutions on the IRC.

Further thanks go to all active and inactive Gamers.IRC team members (Sentinel, Tuxman, hybrid666, blk_panther) and the translators (renato). Especially we thank all our users who contributed essential parts to the development by critics, reports and suggestions.