Gamers.IRC is a script for the most popular IRC client, mIRC. mIRC as such only offers the simplest functions to chat with other people in a channel. A channel theoretically offers a virtual room to chat to an unlimited amount of people. These channels are on IRC servers. Quakenet is the most popular IRC-Server for gamers.

Gamers.IRC extends mIRC with many special features for gamers. It has been created specifically for you, the gamer!
Gamers.IRC is open source. For further information about open source click here.

Gamers.IRC is for Windows 95 and later versions.
For information on using it with Linux or Mac OS X click here.


Besides all the known mIRC features, Gamers.IRC provides a couple of other additions:

  • Autoconnect
  • Awaysystem
  • Buddylist
  • Clanwarsearch
  • Chancentral
  • E-Mail Checker
  • Fileserv
  • Funstuff
  • Gamestart
  • Searchtool
  • IP2Nick
  • IRC Quotes
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Lagbar
  • Logviewer
  • Mini-Games
  • MP3 Player
  • Multiple BNC support
  • Nickchange
  • Nickcompleter
  • Nickserv, Q (Quakenet), x (Undernet) support
  • PUGs
  • Q admin
  • Query blocker
  • System Information
  • Themes
  • Usercentral
  • Winamp support
  • … and many more


» 6.07 build 131013

• New/Bugfix/Changed: Some small things
• New: Auto-Join dialog
• New: IRC account registrator
• Update: mIRC 7.32

complete changelog





Gamers.IRC 6.07 (full installer)
MD5: 3617a51223922fcfd5bbde325477f8e9

Gamers.IRC 6.07 (update 6.06 -> 6.07)
MD5: a88c94d2cfe68f5995d6ea1db80f28a2


eD2k link for eMule users (full installer)
eD2K link for eMule users (update 6.06 -> 6.07)

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