After 20 years of Gamers.IRC: Time for the future

26. February 2020 by Chris1

Hey guys,

you may have noticed that Gamers.IRC has become a bit quieter in recent years. There are several reasons for this, not least the shift of IRC from the gaming back to the development scene. But also we, the team behind Gamers.IRC, have changed. Since Felensis put us in charge of this great project over 15 years ago, our own lives have moved on just as much as the world of IRC: We simply don’t have enough free time left to fulfill this responsibility.

But we don’t want to pull the plug without having informed you in time. Our work on Gamers.IRC will come to an end, but we are happy to pass the project to a new generation of developers. There are so many possibilities left, the journey does not have to be over yet.

If you are interested, please contact us by 31 May at contact1 [at] gamersirc [dot] net.

We say thank you for all the years with Gamers.IRC and with you, our loyal users.

See you around!

Merry Christmas 2019!

25. December 2019 by Chris1

We, the Gamers.IRC team, wish all users a merry Christmas 2019 with their beloved ones and a happy new year. Of course, we will continue working on the next version of Gamers.IRC in 2019!

We ask for your understanding for the long delays in the development of the next version due to the real life of our developers. As known, Gamers.IRC is developed free of charge and in our spare time.

Good things come to those who wait: Gamers.IRC 6.10 is released!

15. November 2016 by Tuxman

Good morning, Gamers.IRC friends,

only three years after the previous Gamers.IRC version 6.07 we’ve finally made it: Gamers.IRC 6.10 is ready!

Aside from the newest mIRC version 7.46 we also dare the jump into the modern age with support for emojis and Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 without giving up any of your favorite features.

You can find a complete list of changes with the downloads in our download area, the changes for mIRC 7.46 are listed on the mIRC website.

If you have questions or suggestions, please drop by in our forums or get in touch with us on the IRC (#Gamers.IRC on QuakeNet).

As we don’t want to wait another three years before the next release, we already started preparing new features for a future version. While we’re working on it, we wish you a pleasant experience with Gamers.IRC 6.10 and an awesome Advent.

– your Gamers.IRC team.

Gamers.IRC 6.10: The last beta version has been released.

27. October 2016 by Tuxman

We’re almost there: The second and probably last beta version of Gamers.IRC 6.10 was released to our beta testers a couple of hours ago. That means that the work on version 6.10 can be considered almost done. 😀

So soon – when it’s ready – we will be ready to deploy Gamers.IRC 6.10 over all known channels.

See you soon,
– your Gamers.IRC team

Gamers.IRC 6.10: What’s up?

25. September 2016 by Tuxman

Dear Gamers.IRC users and friends,

we are truly sorry for the delay of Gamers.IRC 6.10. The Summer of 2016 and a couple of random liabilities outside the Gamers.IRC project have distracted us from finishing the next great release in reasonable time. However, as you can see, we still haven’t abandoned your favorite IRC client.

In fact, we’re just further down our TODO list. In case you were wondering about our idea collection process, you can find our latest TODOs here. Note that it is a Markdown file and you’ll need a Markdown editor like the browser-based StackEdit to display it correctly.

We appreciate your input and we hope to be able to present you Gamers.IRC 6.10 really soon. You can, as always, talk to us on the IRC and our forums (to be updated soon) until it’s done.

Thank you for your patience!
– your Gamers.IRC team