Gamers.IRC is discontinued

23. August 2020 von Chris1

Dear gIRC users,

now the time is over. Gamers.IRC, which Felensis launched in 1999 and developed over many years, is being discontinued.
The deadline of May 31, 2020 to find interested People for the project has passed without success.

Our Homepage and Forum will be shut down – the new project page is:
On this page, gIRC is kept inactive in standby mode and you find the latest version for download.
gIRC is not actively developed further, its use is therefore at the user’s own risk due to the fact that it is not up-to-date and possible security gaps.

We would like to say Thank You for your loyalty, your creative ideas and your support in the last years.

Thank You very much.

We wish you all the best.
The team around Chris, Sentinel & Tuxman

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