Gamers.IRC will be continued

11. April 2021 von Thoraxx
Dear gIRC users,

I would like to thank the previous gIRC team for handing over the Gamers.IRC to continue it. And everything went so smoothly.

About me: My name is Patrick (on the IRC with Nick Thoraxx), I am 34 years old and live in Lower Saxony.

The homepage and the forum run as usual under the well-known addresses and can now be used again. It is now actively being further developed at Gamers.IRC.

I'm already looking forward to your creative ideas and hope that Gamers.IRC will continue to be used even if under a new management.

- your Gamers.IRC team


Am 11. April 2021 um 22:33 Uhr

I am waiting for a new version.

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