Brand-new: Gamers.IRC 6.00

01. Februar 2011 von Tuxman

Dear visitors,

with the mIRC 7.1x release many things have changed in the mIRC world. Also Gamers.IRC was prospecting huge changes and we were preparing for a bunch of work. That work is now, finally, done, and today we proudly present the new Gamers.IRC 6.00.

Among the most important changes is the new mIRC 7.x base, a reworked settings dialog, support for the popular ZNC bouncers and many tiny bugfixes. We recommend you a peek into the change log before you download it.

You can download Gamers.IRC as a full installer or as an update from an existing Gamers.IRC 5.32 installation from our server or via eMule. Questions, suggestions and bug reports may take place in our forums.

Last, not least we would like to remind you once more of our appeal on the occasion of the Gamers.IRC 5.31 release: We are looking for creative artists who are willing to design alternative toolbar themes for Gamers.IRC. If you are interested in more details, feel free to drop an e-mail.

Have fun with Gamers.IRC 6.00!
– your Gamers.IRC team

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