Gamers.IRC 5.31 is there!

18. April 2010 von Tuxman

Dear users,

the first Gamers.IRC version in 2010 with many small changes is available.

The new Gamers.IRC 5.31 fixes all known bugs and introduces a few useful improvements. Also it is possible now to use multiple NickServ accounts in different IRC networks.

You can obtain Gamers.IRC from here. A verbose list of the most important changes can be found in the change log. If we accidentally missed a small issue, please report it in our board, and we will try to fix it immediately.

For forthcoming Gamers.IRC versions we are looking for GFX artists. With new toolbar skins and a more modern Tools dialog we plan to make Gamers.IRC even more attractive. If you are endued with creativity and knowledge in icon creation, please contact us via contact1 [at] gamersirc [dot] net.

The best artists will be credited in Gamers.IRC and on our website.

Have some fine time in the IRC and some fun with the new version,
– your Gamers.IRC team


Am 18. April 2010 um 18:51 Uhr


Am 18. April 2010 um 18:51 Uhr


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