Read our rules, before writing in #Gamers.IRC otherwise: kick or ban!

  1. #Gamers.IRC is a support channel for Gamers.IRC. Nothing else.
  2. Do not advertise for other web pages or IRC channels.
  3. Gamers.IRC is not a Counterstrike clan, please don’t search wars/clans/members. You will get help by typing ?? xonx, then the Gamers.IRC Bot will tell you the correct channel.
  4. The Gamers.IRC Bot will help you. Type ?? keyword (example: ?? auth).
  5. At questions as „hi“, „hello, someone here“, or „i have a question“ etc., we won’t react, ask your question and wait an appropriate time, someone will answer.
  6. For some problems, you’ll find answers in our forum at Use the search function first.
  7. Many questions are already answered in our /FAQ, there’s no need to state them again!
  8. Do not query operators.
  9. Do not write large/fat/underlined or colored text (at least no whole lines).
  10. Just ask your question one time, should there be now answer, please write your question in our forum at or send an e-mail to support1 [at] gamersirc [dot] net.
  11. Do not spam. Do not repeat. Do not paste more than 3 lines at one time. You can use to paste error reports or similar.
  12. No discussions about hacks/bots or other illegal programs etc..
  13. Do not divide sentences into several lines.
  14. No fake nicks. Use a proper nick.
  15. No extreme use of scripts. Do not repeat a script.
  16. No extreme nickchanges.
  17. No pornographic content.
  18. No mutually dispute. If you need argue, open a query.
  19. Do not ask for +o/+v
  20. Do not offense other people.
  21. Only questions about Gamers.IRC. Please just ask your question and don’t spam it
    General IRC questions: #help
    Scripting questions: #help.script
    General questions: #advice
    Use a /query for private discussions.
  22. If there is an error message, please copy it ALWAYS completely (but never more than 3 lines) into the channel. Example: „Cannot join channel, you must be authed to join (+r)“ instead of „I can not join #2on2“.
  23. No /amsg. You can use the xmsg-script.
  24. Only speak english or german.