Gamers.IRC 6.10: What’s up?

25. September 2016 von Tuxman

Dear Gamers.IRC users and friends,

we are truly sorry for the delay of Gamers.IRC 6.10. The Summer of 2016 and a couple of random liabilities outside the Gamers.IRC project have distracted us from finishing the next great release in reasonable time. However, as you can see, we still haven’t abandoned your favorite IRC client.

In fact, we’re just further down our TODO list. In case you were wondering about our idea collection process, you can find our latest TODOs here. Note that it is a Markdown file and you’ll need a Markdown editor like the browser-based StackEdit to display it correctly.

We appreciate your input and we hope to be able to present you Gamers.IRC 6.10 really soon. You can, as always, talk to us on the IRC and our forums (to be updated soon) until it’s done.

Thank you for your patience!
– your Gamers.IRC team

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