New toy: Gamers.IRC 6.04

21. Juni 2012 von Tuxman

Dear Gamers.IRC users,

we recently received queries if we still worked on Gamers.IRC. We care about your worry about the future of Gamers.IRC, but be assured: If we would ever decide to retire from developing Gamers.IRC, we would let you know that in time.

Since Gamers.IRC 6.03 had been released, we continued coding, so today we can show you the new Gamers.IRC 6.04. This version primarily fixes small inconsistencies using an IRC bouncer, especially ZNC support had several issues. Also we added a new extension, the Setup Tree Editor, which enables you to change the symbols in the Gamers.IRC Setup dialog tree.

Of course we also integrated the recently released mIRC version 7.25 which again fixes a couple of bugs.

A list of all changes in Gamers.IRC and the downloads are available in our download area, the changes in mIRC 7.25 can be found on the mIRC website.

If we missed something, please give us a shout in our forums. (As we need to activate new users manually in order to keep the forum spam-free, it might take a while until new accounts are able to post. If you want us to hurry with it, send us an e-mail or nag us on the IRC.)

Have fun with Gamers.IRC 6.04 and enjoy the summer!
– your Gamers.IRC team

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