Gamers.IRC comes without a virus.

28. Januar 2012 von Tuxman

Dear users,

we recently received a couple of freaked out comments saying that the installed virus scanner reports an infection by Gamers.IRC or its installer.

That alert is wrong. Before we release it, each new Gamers.IRC version is checked for possible malware which could have slipped in with VirusTotal as we – just like you – are not interested in being infected, so we can assure you that we don’t spread any known or recognized malware. The fact that some virus scanners already report mIRC as such is sad but known to us.

You can find both results here:
Full installer
Update 6.02 to 6.03

We recommend affected users to change their virus scanner. If you use free scanners like Avira Free Antivirus, you should to that anyway as these scanners mostly update their signatures only once or twice a day, thus they cannot detect new viruses in time.

Update Feb 1, 2012: Avira said the false positive will be fixed in an upcoming virus database, so the problem should be gone soon.

Sorry for any inconveniences regardless of this all-clear,
– your Gamers.IRC team

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