Gamers.IRC 6.01 is ready to go

03. April 2011 von Tuxman

Dear Gamers.IRC users,

regardless of the long term of testing, Gamers.IRC 6.00 had some tiny bugs, sorry for that.

Because of those we decided to release a new version today:
Gamers.IRC 6.01 fixes most of the regressions in version 6.00.

Among the several bugfixes we also added the new mIRC 7.19 which fixes some of its internal bugs, too. You can obtain Gamers.IRC 6.01 from the download area via web browser or eMule.

As we speak, we would like you to spend your interest to our request: We are still looking for designers.
Not only for our toolbar, but also for miRC themes. As you might have noticed, we had to remove most themes from Gamers.IRC 6.00 because they didn’t work properly with mIRC 7. We need your help to make them work again. So if you are interested in designing a theme for Gamers.IRC, please contact us via e-mail or in our board, and we will help you if there are any questions.

Have, as always, fun with Gamers.IRC 6.01. 🙂

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