mIRC 7.1 and Gamers.IRC

31. Juli 2010 von Tuxman

Dear Gamers.IRC users,

On the mIRC website, the mIRC developer has recently published mIRC 7.1. This update introduces quite a bunch of changes compared to mIRC 6.35 which is included in Gamers.IRC 5.32. Besides many other things, the support for Windows versions prior to Windows 2000 has been dropped and support for UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) and IPv6 has been added.

However, all these changes implicated that Gamers.IRC will not work with them. Any try to update the included mIRC.exe according to our How-To will cause Gamers.IRC to stop working properly.

The upcoming Gamers.IRC version will likely be named Gamers.IRC 6.00 and be fully compatible with mIRC 7.1.
Please be patient, we are working on it.

We appreciate your patience and hope you’ll have some more fine weeks with Gamers.IRC 5.32,
– your Gamers.IRC team

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