Windows 7 and the agentctl.dll problem

23. Januar 2010 von Tuxman

We were reported that, on Windows 7, there are some problems due to the fact that Windows 7 does not support MS Agent anymore, so some things may lead to error messages like „Could not find agentctl.dll“. In mIRC and Gamers.IRC, these avatars can be enabled via Alt+O – Sounds – Agents.

According to mIRC’s author, mIRC itself does support but not rely on Microsoft Agent, so any messages related to it can safely be ignored.

If you want to solve the problem anyway, you’ll have to install the KB969168 hotfix by Microsoft. As Microsoft tries to force you to contact them only in order to get this hotfix, here are some alternative download links, powered by The Hotfix Share:

KB969168 32-bit: Click!
KB969168 64-bit: Click!

Please note that we can’t take any responsibility for Microsoft’s code, so make sure that you have a backup anyway.

If you have any further questions, you can, as always, state them here in the comments or in our board.

– your Gamers.IRC team

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