Gamers.IRC 5.30 is available.

25. Oktober 2009 von Tuxman

Dear Gamers.IRC users, dear visitors,

Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 7 is available for a couple of days now. Since Gamers.IRC 5.26 has been released, we spent a lot of time and work, too, so today we can finally announce:

Gamers.IRC 5.30 is out now!

Aside from the usual bug fixes and improvements and better support for Windows 7 we also implemented a new add-ons system which allows everyone who knows about mIRC scripting to actively participate in Gamers.IRC development. You can find it in the Gamers.IRC settings under „More settings – Addons“.

If you wrote a script and think that other users might also be interested in it, you can submit it by using the „Submit scripts“ link or via our board. We will have a look at it and contact you, and maybe it will be added to our scripts archive then.

If there are any questions about mIRC scripting, feel free to contact us.

Got curious? You can download Gamers.IRC here, both a full installer and an update from Gamers.IRC 5.26 are provided. The most important changes are listed in our change log.

Have fun with our new release!
– your Gamers.IRC team

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