Gamers.IRC is 6 years old

18. November 2006 von Chris1

6 years ago, the first version of Gamers.IRC has been released. Due to this anniversary we would like to thank you quite cordially for your loyalty and hope, that you continue using Gamers.IRC. Of course we are also happy about our new users and welcome each other these quite cordially.

On this point I refer to our new statistics section:
From there it follows, among other things, that Gamers.IRC (on the average) is daily 28191,8 times started.

The work on version 5,01 precedes well. Only a few small things and betatesting are left. Thus, you can hope for an imminent release.
In order to get informed about this as soon as possible, we recommend the registration in our newsletter:

We wish you further much fun with Gamers.IRC!

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