Gamers IRC 5.0 and new homepage

01. Oktober 2006 von Chris1

At now, the Gamers IRC 5.0 and our new homepage is available. A lot of other things there are the Querryblocker, a Treeview and many new Functions. The exact changes can you read in the Changelog.

With the new version of gIRC we get a homepage in new Design.

Have you suggestions/questions or criticism, then let it us know. When you have an idea write this in our forum or visits us in the IRC Channel #gamers.irc

Have fun with the new Homepage and gIRC version.

Your gIRC team

Due to a  bug in version 5.00 querys may not work. In order to fix this, please install the bugfix below, after you have installed Gamers.IRC 5.00:

Gamers.IRC 5.00 querybugfix (querybugfix 5.00 -> 5.00) (0,13MB)


Am 01. Oktober 2006 um 19:18 Uhr


Am 01. Oktober 2006 um 19:18 Uhr


how disabled this item: (18:44:29) • Notice: This chat is not encrypted. To establish encryption, enter ‚/crypt‘. ?

I don`t need it.

Am 01. Oktober 2006 um 19:18 Uhr

First off, make the links on the English version to actually lead to some english text, rather than German. The next thing, you should always mention the irc network your channel is on. Now how about an „About“ page for features and good reasons to try out this client? Screenshots wouldn’t hurt either. I’m the gamer that wants the best; I’m not going to spend time downloading something I know nothing about… Thank you ^^

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